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About The Artist

My name is Nichole Encinas and I'm the artist behind Blueberry Creations. I discovered this unique art form in 2008 while surfing the internet. I ordered a starter kit to try it out and my love of felting grew from there. I began selling my work in 2009 and with the encouragement of a fellow bear artist I entered my first competition, the 2009 Golden Teddy Awards. I was honored with a nomination for my rabbit Roxanne and now a 2010 nomination for my elephant Eleanor.

I find inspiration for my creations from all over. Some times it's the color of the wool that speaks to me or it could be another artists work but mostly it is from treasures I find in antique stores. I love to combine old with new and use other artistic elements in my pieces. I think that is what makes them so unique. I try to bring them to life with their design and accessories.

My creations range in size from 2 1/2 inches to around 10 inches tall. I weight all my pieces with steel shot for a nice feel when you pick them up and hold them. I use the finest quality wool in my pieces. My favorite being Merino or Cormo wool for my small creations and a New Zealand / Domestic wool blend for my large ones. Each creations takes me hours and hours of work sculpting and shaping the wool bringing it to life. Please note my work is for adult collectors and is not child safe.


My Husband Alex and I





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